Tank Dress

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Tank Dress

Priebe says the term sustainability is actually on its way out and there’s a new benchmark we should all be thinking about: circular fashion. This means nothing is wasted in the clothing-making process. Fabric is cut to reduce leftover scraps, clothing samples are sold or donated, and garments are repaired or recycled rather than thrown out.

Another Tomorrow

Both Priebe and Sarah Spellings, fashion news editor at Vogue, recommend Another Tomorrow for its incredible transparency, use of natural materials, and commitment to a short supply chain. But the company also does something few other brands do to ensure a long life for each piece of clothing: They partnered with the company EVRYTHNG to assign a digital ID to every item of clothing they put out in the world. Consumers can scan their garment’s QR code and quickly see its entire journey from raw materials to fabric mill to final quality control.

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